Forklift Truck Safe Handling Training

Forklifts are highly hazardous machines which can quickly become killers. Each year dozens of workers are injured or killed during routine operations. Several recent deaths (September 2008 - February 2009) have prompted the provincial government to be more pro-active in the enforcement of the regulations which requires training for all operators.

Quebec legislation requires employers to train and certify forklift operators. Training must include theory and a practical evaluation. The B-335-04 standard requires retraining every three years and practical evaluation every 18 months.

Operators: SFH-101

Target audience

Forklift operators.

Course Outline


4 hours theory + 30 to 45 minutes (practical evaluation per person)


If your employees handle dangerous goods while driving their forklifts, they must also be trained (TDG-102 or TDG-101) as well as their WHMIS training (WHM-101).